Täby Torg A multifunctional urban space in Sweden

Placed in front of one of Sweden’s largest shopping malls, Täby Torg is a multifunctional gathering point. The 10 000 m2 site is able to accommodate a great number of activities.

The architectural concept of the square is to create a field of possibilities for its users. The square is divided into six smaller sites, each with their own individual concept. This way the residents of Täby can rally to the square for market days, experience big rock concerts, enjoy the outdoors with cafés and benches, and the children can tumble in the playing landscape. The six sites each form part of a linear barcode pattern, uniting the whole square.

Täby Kommun
Täby, Sweden
10,000 m2
Grontmij Malmø
ÅF Lighting
Sydark Konstruera
KÅWE Konstruktioner HB
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Ola Nielsen
Lotte Fjendbo Møller
Signe Hertzum
Nikolaj Frølund Thomsen
Lars W. Maarbjerg
Jette Krogh Kristensen

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