Sundbo Senior housing community

Sangberg has designed the senior housing community ‘Sundbo’, that will be built on Amager, Copenhagen. The project is part of a new value program and a new toolbox developed by Realdania, fsb, Seniorbofællesskabsforeningen Sundbo and FUTU.

The senior housing association Sundbo represents a new form of housing concept with sharing culture, local engagement and meals as the core values. The senior community housing association Sundbo, fsb and Realdania have developed the framework, and has, in cooperation with FUTU and Sangberg, created the first senior housing community in Sundby on Amager. The community will be built in The Municipality of Copenhagen, which has a declared goal to become a CO2-neutral capital in 2025. The Senior Community community integrates a number of sustainable initiatives that support the municipality's environmental ambitions.

Wood elements increase the sustainability of the project

Sangberg are responsible for the design, and sketches are currently included in the local plan work and will then be subjected for political approval in the Municipality of Copenhagen. Expected occupation is in 2021, provided that the project is cleared by the public presentation.

The future residents will benefit from the fact that the housing community's wooden construction results in a good indoor climate and good acoustics. In addition, the tenants become part of a living community that enhances their life quality, since the focus on community living counteracts loneliness among seniors.

fsb's first wooden housing project

If the project gets a green light the senior housing community will become fsb's first wooden housing project. The building is designed according to "cradle to cradle" principles that’s focus on the used material's life cycle in order to minimize carbon footprint and ensure greatest possible recyclability. The result is a future-proof, climate-friendly construction, which is easy to build and easy to separate - and which naturally supports the construction's embrace of the circular economy, while facades adapt to the surrounding buildings.

2018 –
Sundparken, Copenhagen, Denmark
1,900 m2
Seniorbofællesskabsforeningen Sundbo Copenhagen
Jonas Sangberg
Christer Nesvik
Irina Nica
Cameron Clarke
Signe Nielsen Kjær
Carina Franz

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