SMK Museum garden

The garden in front of The National Gallery of Denmark consists of an open landscape, which invites guests of the museum and passers-by to engage and enjoy a breathing space and cultural events in front of the museum. The garden is made of soft islands of grass and twisting pathways, and acts as a melting pot for arts and urban life: On the broad edge of the large pool, museum guests are invited to sit while discussing art experiences, kids are playing, and passers-by settle down with their coffees.

The museum garden received the City of Copenhagen’s Buildings Award 2015 for beautiful architecture that enhances the city experience for the citizens.

National Gallery of Denmark · City of Copenhagen
Competition won 2011 · Implementation 2013-2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
13,700 m2
Karres en Brands
Oluf Jørgensen A/S
Svava Riesto
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Signe Hertzum
Henrik Faurskov
Nikolaj Frølund Thomsen
Sofie Mandrup
Sofia Bergman
Christian Lunde

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