SAVE CPH Climate Adaption of Copenhagen

SAVE CPH is a study of for creating an intelligent solution for Copenhagen that will secure the city from future storm surges, and at the same time create a sustainable urban development.

With a sea level rise of up to 1 meter over the next 100 years, Copenhagen is facing enormous challenges in securing its coast lines. One problem is the storm surges, that can occur after powerful storms, where water is forced down through the Kattegat and building up within the Baltic Sea. When the water later runs back through Oresund, it can create storm surges of up to 4 metres above normal sea level. Obviously, this can have serious implications for infrastructure, transportation, housing, and the energy supply in Copenhagen.

This proposal is a range of artificial islets and dykes in the sea outside Copenhagen’s east coast. The islets are made of excess soil from construction in the region, and will work as a protective fortress around the city. Together with a lock and surge ports, the islets will be able to shut off the inner harbour in case of storm surges.

At the same time, Copenhagen is in these years affected by residential shortage. The influx to the metropolitan area is historically large and the possibilities of expanding and densifying the central Copenhagen will soon be empty. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to exploit these new areas within the artificial islets for green urban development by building new housing projects. This will accommodate a part of the acute problem with residential deficiency in Copenhagen and will create amenity values for many Copenhageners, with new urban spaces and attractive landscapes inspired by the natural environments of Amager Fælled, Saltholmen and Amager Strandpark.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Kasper Larsson

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