Infill housing on Falkevej

This townhouse project fills an empty corner plot between Falkevej and Nordre Fasanvej in Copenhagen’s northwest quarter. The site lies in an area of the city which has a unique diversity of building types, scales, façade compositions and functions. It is our goal to create a project which takes its inspiration from this architectural context while making a simple, sustainable and contemporary residential building.

The composition of the building’s facade references the rhythms of adjacent buildings, and its materiality is inspired by the broad range of historic brick architecture found in the local area. The brickwork is chosen to give a subtle play of colour and texture to the facades and the windows are made in the elevations with clarity, large square openings in the brickwork, responding to the composition of neighbouring building facades. Thus, the new building is embedded into its context, successfully reconnecting two streets and adding a new layer the rich architectural heritage of the local area. 

Calum A/S
Nordvest, Copenhagen, Denmark
1,750 m2
HP Byg A/S
Svend Poulsen
Jonas Sangberg
Marie-Louise R. Mejlholm
Thomas Walcher
Erik Folke Holm-Hansson
Irina Nica
Richard Teeling
Jesus Sanchez
Henriette Schønheyder van Deurs
Cristina Marigo

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