Hummeltoftevej Residential development

Hummeltoftevej is a contemporary residential development and a new urban landscape which creates a focal point for the area surrounding Sorgenfri railway station.

The creation of a new green corridor – stretching from Mølleå to Lyngby Åmose – will strengthen Hummeltoftevej, making an attractive landscaped space for use by pedestrians and cyclists. The green corridor also brings a coherence between the many different functions around Sorgenfri, allowing for further change over the coming years without the area losing its sense of identity.

MT Højgaard, Freja Ejendomme
2012 –
Sorgenfri, Denmark
29,000 m2
Sadolin & Albæk
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Henrik Faurskov
Jan Borgstrøm
Marie-Louise R. Mejlholm
Signe Nielsen Kjær
Irina Nica
Peter Berner

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