Horbelev Skole Transformation to new cultural house

In the village of Horbelev, children, young people and elders use the town’s closed down school for a host of union and sports activities. With a wish to participate and engage in activities, the school has been rebuilt into a cultural house. A circular extension ties together the buildings of the former school, and creates one large common space.

The open space of the Cultural House becomes a new common meeting place – an inclusive space for everyone.

Three functions in one project

The new cultural house consists of three parts: One coherent landscape that addresses the means of access and encourages play. One unifying building which merges the different cultural functions and ensures inspiring overlaps. One flexible courtyard as the core of the building with the sky as the ceiling.

A local meeting point

By opening the historical facades out towards the courtyard, visibility and coherence are obtained, which enables new types of use. The project visualizes Horbelev’s cultural life and strengthens the possibility for different users to meet each other.


Nordøstfalsters Fremtidsforening with support from Lokale- og Anlægsfonden
Horbelev, Denmark
1,000 m2
Lemming og Eriksson
Svava Riesto
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Henrik Faurskov
Charlotte Noer Helleberg
Kristoffer Michelsen