Havnehusene – phase 3 (G1) Housing at Østre Havn, Aalborg

Havnehusene, phase 3 (on building plot G1) at Østre Havn in Aalborg, is aesthetically inspired by the formerly industrial architecture of the surrounding context. This is achieved by using raw and unembellished materiality combined with a precise sense of architectural detail.

To respond to the surrounding area's brick buildings, the facade is constructed of red-brown dyed concrete panels. The panels are shifted between the floors to create a large-scale half-bond coursing, ensuring an architectural expression which is coherent with the context.

The building has hallways with moments in which to pause, as well as an inner courtyard which forms a space in the middle of the building, protected from traffic noise from Nyhavnsgade.

Havnehusene (phase 3) contains compact housing for students, young people and families with young children. The block has a built floor area of 10,500 m2, with a 2,000 m2 grocery store at the ground floor.

Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj (COAST) and Thomas Mølvig.


A. Enggaard A/S
2013 – 2019
Aalborg, Denmark
10,500 m2
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Thomas Walcher
Marie-Louise R. Mejlholm
Christer Nesvik
Richard Teeling
Signe Nielsen Kjær
Erik Folke Holm-Hansson
Mette Susanne Hansen
Henriette Schønheyder van Deurs
Martin Klingner

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