Havnehusene – phase 2 (E3) Housing at Østre Havn, Aalborg

Havnehusene (the Harbour Houses) are part of the masterplan for Østre Havn in Aalborg. The masterplan is based on Østre Havn’s past as an industrial area, where cultural history, the former tall silo buildings and the proximity to Limfjorden make way for a reinterpretation and development of new urban qualities in the area. The goal is to develop a compact, car-free neighbourhood with a great housing environment which brings new qualities of life to Aalborg, while still respecting the history and traditions of the area.

Reference to grain silos

The second phase of Havnehusene consists of a 13 stories high, white housing tower, which is a reference to the tall silos that used to be in the area. The building is shaped as a mixture of a tower and a housing block with a building height between 4-13 stories, that twists around a courtyard and therefore combines the best from both building typologies. The result is a sculptural building with great daylight conditions and natural meeting points in the shape of large common roof terraces, gallery aisles and courtyards, which create space for encounters between residents.

Daylight and indoor climate create sustainable solutions

Based on comprehensive daylight analyses, the form and facades of the building are designed to make sure all residents get the best possible daylight conditions. This has been possible by shifting the heights of the building and varying the size of the windows according to how much daylight shines on the facade. The result is a passive sustainable solution that ensures the best conditions for daylight and indoor climate in all apartments.

Limestone garden as tribute to the area’s history

As a tribute to Aalborg’s long industrial history of extracting lime to produce concrete, large limestones have been placed in the courtyard of the building to form a bright limestone garden. With its special growing conditions, the garden will become a characteristic biotope of its own with moss and ferns.


Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj (COAST) and Betina Fleron.


A. Enggaard A/S
2013 – 2019
Aalborg, Denmark
6,900 m2
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Marie-Louise R. Mejlholm
Richard Teeling
Signe Nielsen Kjær
Erik Folke Holm-Hansson
Henriette Schønheyder van Deurs
Kasper Larsson
Cristina Marigo
Jette Krogh Kristensen
Johannes Grove

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