The green corner Frikvarteret, Nordhavn

On the corner of Århusgade, a green six story house emphasises the green profile of the neighbourhood and is a charming contrast to the surrounding red brick houses.

Simplicity with a green facade

The corner house is a simple concrete building with a light structure steel net upon which green plants can climb. This way the green facade creates a special identity for the house.

The green corner expresses a simplicity that becomes a contrast to the industrial surroundings.

Tetris A/S
Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
1,800 m2
Kragh Consult
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Thomas Walcher
Lene Mirdal
Jenný Haraldsdóttir
Irina Nica
Christoffer Lund
Kristoffer Michelsen
Charlotte Noer Helleberg

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