Försterweg Energy optimisation of housing

Försterweg 36-42 is formerly known as the “Concrete-colossus” because the worn down and grey concrete construction from the 1970’s had high heating expenses. The driving force of the project has been to give the residents a house with a strong character, as well as a house to be proud of. The already sculptural character of the building has been strengthened by covering the house with plates of aluminium in seven different golden colours that reflect the sunlight and cast a golden glow into the residents’ living rooms. The completed facade renovation has created a large enough energy saving for the mortgage to remain the same.

Hamburger Wohnen
Hamburg, Germany
25,000 m2
CR Architekten
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Henrik Thomas Faurskov
Johannes Grove
Frederik Friborg
Nicolaj Frølund Thomsen
Martin Klingner

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