Center for Renhold Cleaning Facilities Centre

Based on the concept of building downwards rather than up, Center for Renhold is a new type of building, creating the possibility to make office space in the middle of a landscape, at the heart of Copenhagen’s high-density housing.

By connecting the building construction with the vigorous playground landscape on Hauser Square above, and making use of a former basement parking beneath, a new type of building is created which is innovatively integrated into the landscape.

Center for Renhold received the City of Copenhagen’s Buildings Award 2012 and was nominated for a MIPIM Award in 2013.

Københavns Ejendomme
Copenhagen, Denmark
1,000 m2
Karres en Brands
Oluf Jørgensen A/S
Ulrike Brandi Licht
Jonas Sangberg
Thomas Kock
Nicolaj Frølund Thomsen
Henrik Thomas Faurskov
Signe Hertzum

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