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Our team consists of architects, landscape architects, engineers, constructing architects and PR professionals. If you want to join us, please send an email to

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If you want to become an intern at Sangberg, please send your application with CV and portfolio (max. 10 MB) to



Dampfærgevej 10,
2100 København Ø
CVR: 37762695

+45 3133 0996

Charlotte Noer Helleberg

Architect, Cand.arch.
+45 3133 0127

Christer Nesvik

Architect, Cand.arch.
+45 3133 0127

Erik Folke Holm-Hansson

BEng, Architectural Engineering
+45 3133 0127

Freja Holm Brandt

Landscape architect, Cand.hort.arch.
+45 3133 0181

Jonas Sangberg

Creative director and owner, Architect MAA MDL
+45 3133 0996

Lisbeth Fenst

+45 3133 0996

Mette Susanne Hansen

Architect MAA
+45 3133 0181

Pawel Antoni Lange

PR manager, Cand.mag.

Richard Teeling

Ing. Construction Architect
+45 3133 0142

Thomas Walcher

Associated partner, Dipl.-Ing. Architect (FH), Building economist
+45 2156 0898

Warren Smith

Architect MAA, Construction architect
+45 3133 0996

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