We create simple and light solutions for a sustainable future

The future is light

Together with our clients we want to pioneer the use of sustainability as a key design tool to create climate-friendly buildings, cities and landscapes. Simple and light solutions for a sustainable future.


Our approach to design is a thoroughly analytical, research and evidence-based process where we connect our creative design skills with technical innovation. This is reflected in our interdisciplinary working process which combines use of the latest technology, internal and external professional expertise and consultation with users, citizens and stakeholders in the development of each our projects.


Sangberg is an architectural firm based in Copenhagen. We work on projects at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. We are an award-winning interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, landscape architects, engineers and constructing architects.

Sangberg is a limited liability company, founded and owned by Jonas Sangberg (former partner of Polyform). The management team consists of Jonas Sangberg and associated partner Thomas Walcher.

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