Climate adaption at Godsbanearealet, Aalborg

At Godsbanearealet in Aalborg, the vision is to transform the abandoned industrial landscape of the disused railway goods-yard into a sustainable and green part of the city. The design takes its inspiration from the robust and sturdy structures of the railway, creating a transitional space between the old medieval town and the cities suburbs.

Godsbanearealet encompasses both an urban masterplan and recreational areas, with a focus on climate adaption and sustainability. The open spaces are turned into a recreational landscape which, while being beautiful, will also absorb future rain downpour challenges. The goal is to manage as large a volume of water as possible locally, minimizing rain water run off through establishing green roofs, and by use of percolation and storage in waterbeds and basins.

DSB Ejendomsudvikling
POLYFORM, WERK Arkitekter, NIRAS, Cenergia
Aalborg, Denmark