We want to create robust, simple and sustainable solutions for everyday life. By focusing on these principles, we work to create climate-friendly buildings, urban spaces and cities which are made to be used – creating spaces for life.


Sustainability is not something we simply add on to our projects. It is a central principle that informs the way we shape each design. We work by using sustainability as a key design tool. We consistently use analysis, modelling and prototyping throughout the design process as we develop our strategies and design solutions for each site. Our approach to design is a thoroughly analytical, research and evidence based process where we connect our creative design skills with technical innovation. This is reflected in our interdisciplinary working process which combines use of the latest technology, internal and external professional expertise and consultation with users, citizens and stakeholders in the development of each of our projects.


Sangberg is an architectural firm based in Copenhagen. We work on projects which are at the intersection between architecture and urbanism. We are an award winning interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, landscape architects, engineers and constructing architects. We base our work on over ten years of experience realising projects across a range of scales from the masterplans of Nordhavn, Grønttorvet in Valby and Godsbaneterrænet in Aalborg; to residential buildings such as Frikvarteret in Nordhavn and Skovkvarteret in Ørestad; and urban spaces like Købmagergade and Täby Torg near Stockholm. Sangberg is a limited liability company, founded and owned by Jonas Sangberg (former partner in POLYFORM). Together with Jonas Sangberg, the management team consists of associated partners Marie-Louise Mejlholm and Thomas Walcher.



Dampfærgevej 10,
2100 København Ø

+45 3133 0996


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Meet our team

At Sangberg we are always looking for remarkable people.

If you want to join us, please send an email to
If you have an interest in becoming an intern at Sangberg, please send an email to

Cameron Clarke

Student worker, Architect
+45 3133 0996

Carina Franz

Architect, Cand. Arch.
+45 3133 0996

Charlotte Noer Helleberg

Architect Cand. Arch., on leave

Christer Nesvik

Architect Cand. Arch.
+45 3133 0996

Effrosyni Stamopoulou

Architecture intern
+45 3133 0996

Erik Folke Holm-Hansson

BEng, Architectural Engineering
+45 3133 0996

Freja Holm Brandt

Landscape architect
+45 3133 0181

Henriette Schønheyder van Deurs

Landscape architect MDL
+45 3133 0996

Irina Nica

Architect MAA, BIM Manager
+45 3133 0996

Jonas Sangberg

Creative director and owner, Architect MAA MDL
+45 3133 0996

Lisbeth Fenst

+45 3133 0996


Associated partner, Architect MAA
+45 3133 0171

Marrije Vanden Eynde

Architecture Intern
+45 3133 0996

Mette Susanne Hansen

Architect MAA
+45 3133 0181

Richard Teeling

Ing. Construction Architect
+45 3133 0142

Signe Nielsen Kjær

Architect Cand. Arch.
+45 3133 0996

Thomas Walcher

Associated partner, Dipl.-Ing. Architect (FH), Building economist
+45 2156 0898

Victoria Rahbek

Cand. Comm., Communications, PR & Web – PQ Coordinator
+45 3133 0996